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Romantic, what if_____________ type of song that I like.
You fill in the blank for yourself and enjoy the song.

Unlikely animals pair up and become friends. Same should be for people.
Have reviewed many photos of the "Northern Lights" and they are beautiful.
It's all in the lighting!
Nice work Mikko! :))
The one in the avatar is my favorite.
Funny to look at, disturbing to have been a part of them.......
Don't know if this place esists, but if it does I imagine being there.
Nice song from "Five For Fighting"
Great lyrics, and nice mellow piano song.

This field of red would be the most awesome place to make love, then lie there and just take in the color and fragrance.
The guy knows how to make the best of this beautiful song on his acoustic guitar.
Note: Cool hair.

For all the people I have lost in passing, and to those I have lost for reasons I still may not understand now.
This beautiful song is for you! :)

Using your baby as a prop?
The pictures are cute, and once is funny, but after awhile........
Some wonderful things that can be seen underwater.
All spring, all beautiful, all coming, just when will the spring of 2011 emerge?
Winter at it's most serene.
The end of my power-stumbling today.
Sometimes you need to stop, and smell the roses for a longer while!
I've done I-90 from coast to coast. Quite an adventure in my "youth."
Oh yes, these are very well done.
Beattles covers are always interesting. This one not bad. :)

Yeah, creepy plants that photograph well. Plants like people...............................!!!
Yeah, way too much fun. Kind of like putting Ken's head on Barbie's body.
Not that I ever have done that! :O
Again, funny, I think. Watch out for the bat...................................................................ouch!
Pleasant, but nothing with the WOW factor for me.
Another great example of the wonders of night photography. Wonder if there are any active volcanoes on the east coast, lol........
Good classic rock/pop as in the case of "Abracadabra."
OMG, funny......and creative, a plus!!
I like most of the information, but a gun, isn't that a bit extreme???
Stunning picture of serenity at it's finest. Hopefully NZ will recover and get to this place again in the aftermath of it's earthquake damage.
A sense of humor has to exist in every art form. Helps us to relate on a personal level.
Beautiful, in one of my favorite colors. So tranquil.
When ya coming back, Jack?
"Yaac" is a busy young man with not a lot of time to stumble. He's been a virtual friend here. It's unfortunate that what he looking for is not on StumbleUpon. Best wishes to you.
Seems to be the day of seeking knowledge. Make me a better writer, who knows!
Loss leaves you in a state of disconnection, not always experiencing the present.

I'm doing the best I can with it.
Feb. 2011
Interesting article, and I learned a new word, "hippocampus." Now to decipher it!
Beautiful photograph. I'm not a pink fan though. (Just the singer!)
Interesting to me being a music fan and collector.
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