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Changefulstorm - Neva Flores is a 48 year old woman from South Eastern, Georgia, USA

"My heart is full of love for the eyes of time. Inside I feel that I know how they hold my soul and look into my life like a light that carries the pain of my day away.."
― Neva Flores - March 15, 2012

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A Sound I Could Drink

My heart pretended
you were a sound
I could drink
when I went searching
for golden lines full of surprise.
When I walked towards you,
my ears tasted the beat of the earth
and it began to turn
in reverse.

Ringing clear were hundreds of memories
I had kissed freely,
known as all the things you did.
Then in came the rushing sea
crashing into my mind
with waves of everything
you have ever said.

Therefore, I waited by a tree
that had shown its shadow
as being all that I could ever need.
when I looked inside myself,
I found my heart
cold and bare.

A sight I have now become
but there is one thing I surely know.
I could never push aside
the sound of you I drink
from all these golden lines.
My ears will walk
towards you and taste
this beat
until I make you mine.

© 2011 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm


Mailing Letters to the Moon

Before you can feel the soft touch of poetry
and it can play a song for you,
look for the positive aspect in moonlit shadows.
Stop and wonder
how a heart breaks then makes friends
who give of themselves
until they bleed out on the cold floors
of the world.

Do you find that time lays heavy on you
within dreams
where snow melts in pictures
of piercing eyes
that mail letters to the moon.
Or are you afraid to look out the window
and stop pretending
you are falling in love with being all alone
with just your heart and a slingshot?

What litters the path where your feet move?
calling out to the sky
that there is no magic wish
staring at you
waiting for you to finish.
Does your breath catch in conversations
held with snowflakes
that spin and bow then fade away
leaving you to wonder
where you go
from here.

Has it come to the point
where you walk in the places
where white lies run through the stream of life?
Does innocence struggle with colors
that make our eyes believe nothing is true
when something new becomes old
inside of winds that creep
and freeze like icicles.

Before you can feel the soft touch of poetry
and it can play a song for you,
you must have walked this path
I have described.
Do not stand up and leave with your
thoughts racing,
climbing higher and higher,
lest you become one of those hearts
that bleed.

© 2011 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm


Collaboration of Two Hearts
A collaboration written by Neva Flores and Mark Albert of

I paint pictures in my mind with your smile and your voice,
Always hungering and wondering what you paint in yours.
I have a feeling that your thoughts beckon my own,
turn my resolve into a burning liquid even the sun has to adore.

When the Sun has gone, and thoughts turn to sleep,
this man dreams in colors drowning me in the sea of your woman's heart.
Still, here I am crying out in a voice full of fight afraid to look into your eyes
as my heart could be destroyed, my world torn apart.

I lay still trying to obey the face of time, to let go soothing trickles of reassurance
in shimmering beams given from the Moon.
While we both use words when our eyes are not closed, mine are complex
and yours easy to hold..dropped from different hearts, yet in tune.

It is enough, holding this dream for now. With eyes, hands, and hearts unfurling,
slowly opening through barriers erected from the destruction past.
I believe in these two hearts that are beating as they write about love differently.
Today I will take down those barriers, just don't enter too fast.

© 2012 Neva Flores and Mark of


The Sun Can Hear Thunder

I have known that the sun can hear thunder
and how its brightness
can be unfathomable,
like my dreams.
Since the beginning of my pulse
I have been honored
with good days
that left me grateful
inside of the sweetness
never stifling.........
within all it means.

When midnight kisses the glass
that morning has already
Like a thirsty spider
crying out........
for the rain.
All of my senses are
swept through
knowing, my words don't fall
on deaf ears......
or stand there,
all wasted.

No, you cannot know how I'm feeling
but that doesn't mean
our world's stopped spinning.
The sun.......
can still hear thunder
in all the ways you love me.
You lift me up
in the midst of a storm.
All my senses are swept through
my words stand in stillness
a storm's ending......
is love's beginning.

Copyright ©2012 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm


Sign Your Name on My Skin

Sometimes I cannot keep part of me
from asking the stars
where comfort can be found
without weaving the desperation
I feel under my skin
into a rope
that wraps around my tears of sadness.
I am left watching hours
take in the days
and never quite understanding how laughter
can tell someone to call out to the sky
then break and run
on the legs
of sheer madness.

My skies shouldn't tell me to get lost
inside of all I know
when I long to create an ocean of language
we both can plainly speak
without ever feeling any pressure.
When tomorrow rings in the beginning
of what lies under all that I know to be
held in a distant place,
draped in shimmering hope ,
shall I watch you
write your name on my skin
while I cry out in pleasure?

I never asked for you to bring me a garden full of lies
where one has to work
in the shadows of forgetfulness
inside of a life with a smile that fades
as I regain my sanity.
The truth can be grown in silence
then burn brightly
as part of nothing and still lie beyond
that which soothes our hands
when they tremble
because we can smell the crow
we have to eat so humbly.

Listen to the lines you missed
when you stepped
into the shoes of a man
who no longer relied
on all of his senses
when you began your journey of echoes
where stars once danced.
Do you remember empty promises
as they run through the days
even though you sing?
Take a chance and lose your mind
when you find there is no way out,
as you rush to remind your tears,
of how they sting.

© 2012 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm

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Truth - Where Happiness Hides

Towering boxes full of days
are hidden
by the lies you hold inside
your feelings.
They whisper louder
with each year that passes
sending your happiness
a reeling.

Alone, becomes the key
to your sanity,
yet burns a hole
in the palm of your heart.
You find yourself angry
at everything,
as you linger
while your world
falls apart.

You have fallen asleep
inside the shadow
of loneliness
those towering boxes
Tip them over with the truth
resting inside you
and wake
where happiness hides.

Copyright © 2013 Neva Flores – Changefulstorm

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When Night Stands on the Waters

Exhale your emotions
onto all of our memories
waxing as poetic candles,
rub your feelings all over me.
While vague unexpected hours
root deeply
and mingle inside all they see.

I can hear our laughter lingering
when night stands on the waters
of our love,
never growing tired or flickering.
Following close behind
the heels of my heart
never leaving..........
or wandering.

We have been given a life
that comes after midnight,
guiding us,
letting no poison command our faith.
I smile,
in knowing our love
will grow stronger,
as each day passes away.

Copyright © 2013 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm


Artist Louis Welden Hawkins

Walking in The Shadows of Why and How

For years, I guess the glass I used to see me on the outside
Revealed a clear sky that sang at one timid glance
From an occasional nod, I called my own
In some remembrance of this cross I wear
For my thousandth second chance

I wonder if the truth of my mortality has chosen now to meet
With the knowledge lifted from this Phoenix's ashes
Or is it just as plain as the untouched places
Where loneliness now gives rise and fancy strays
To self-inflict a thousand lashes

I look once again into the glass and I see me on the inside
Full of love and the wonder of here and now
With the occasional nod, I call my own
I bravely cross the line I drew in sand so long ago
Walk within the shadows of why and how

© 2011 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm

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Photography by Tibby Steedly

The Staircase of Stillness

We have created a time
where our air smiles
like a precious gem
found within a storm.
Each spoken sentence
we find to be filled
with purpose,.....
sound and warm.

Regret does not glisten
nor is it placed in this time
dressed up as hurt
impossible to understand.
This is a place
where one can find
the staircase of stillness,
silence at hand.

Showers of love
fall as stars in this time
along the places where we sail
on a subtle breeze.
We can see their reflections
turned inside out......
like a smile

Copyright © 2013 Neva Flores – Changefulstorm

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Spinning 'Round Here Insane

No matter which notes are played on still waters
they weigh heavy on my pain
when they fall.
There are days when I realize
I am spinning 'round
and murmuring,
feeling forced and raw.

It seems that time dwindles down
into its own sea
then wakes the night
asking to be filled with hours.
Everything I do
seems to make time kiss the places
where I spin,
as it devours.

I can feel a searing look
from eyes on the sidelines
when I attempt to hold the jewels of darkness
next to me.
Their footsteps
are like the million curses of tears,

Before the door closes on my life's journey
I know the moon will rise
in all its angelic innocence
once again.
Until then, I will dream
of polishing those jewels,
spinning round

Copyright © 2013 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm


Raining Silent Moisture

I wander through your thoughts
with eyes full of silent moisture
falling down on those walls
you blindly live behind.
I listen to the loneliest heartbeat
convincing your other half,
inner peace.........
has been found.
Planting seeds in your mind.

I wonder should I leave this place
never return to visit
your future full of pain,
or continue raining silent moisture every day.
These walls you live behind are a fortress
that drain my soul,
no matter how hard I try,
I cannot make them dissipate.

Copyright © 2013 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm

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Harmony Breathes In

I see your heartbeat in every man
and I can hear your mind
even though you hide
behind the sun.
You disappear
into places of mystery
where you survive
inside your fun.

You see yourself
as the lost make believe
and leave no room for reality
to ever be the same.
All those bridges you are burning
have you drowning
inside of your
own shame.

You want to vanish
into a spiraling truth
and be heard
by your feelings
while reaching out.
There is no such thing as honor
when sitting on a velvet seat
where you only shout.

Your tears will soon pass
when you think
of the anticipation
of the dreams you had
in your cradle.
Harmony breathes in a quiet breath
lasts forever
if it is able.

Copyright © 2013 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm

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Betrayal is a Word Never Whispered

A beautiful dream rests
where it chooses to.
Far apart from stormy bodies
of gray clouds.
It becomes the comforter
resting, inside
every part of you.
As betrayal
is a word
never whispered
by a heart
that doesn't know how.

Copyright © 2013 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm

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Tears Cry Tears of Their Own

Suddenly my thoughts run deeper
and become folded
inside the scent of the air
until they pull on my heart-strings
and watch
my tears cry tears of their own.
And I laugh and smile,
pretend to be happy
as if I don't remember
you're gone.

However, sorrow brings truth
as it closes in
to unravel the seconds
of each sleepless night
I have held for years unknown.
And I realize,
it's time to move forward,
stop letting my tears
cry tears
of their own.

Copyright © 2013 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm

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Dust Gathering on My Rhymes

I am suspended in a time that is lost
in the laughter
flowing from my lips.
And no one ever told me,
there is no way out of this.

I am past recognizing solid ground
and burning
from the memories I keep.
Still, my Muse sings a lullaby
while my destiny weeps.

Paper flowers litter the floorboard
of my heart
and go up in smoke inside my head.
I can't control
a single breath ahead.

My thoughts choose to stay inside the ink
where there's no risk
of living outside this time.
I can feel dust gathering...
on my rhymes.

Copyright © 2013 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm

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Broken Wing of a Friend

There is a winding road that passes by my lips
and runs across my skin.
When I cry it crosses the music of my face
‘til my heart sings again.

A long time ago, I could not understand,
how to have the will
to let things go.
Now I’ve learned to let that winding road
display what I did not know.

Sometimes I yearned to growl and taste the pain
of the tear’s of another heart.
I forgot to take a place inside their skin ,
feel the truth of their hurt.

There is a winding road that passes by my lips
and runs across my skin.
It reminds me to see what lies underneath ,
the broken wing of a friend.

Copyright © 2013 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm

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Ink Burned Upon My Name

An unfading melody fills my life
with a beauty
that covers my scars with ink
of a rhyme's desire
I can’t dismiss.
And I remember,
some things, move smooth as silk
like laughter filled words
of a lover’s kiss.

The ink
which is burned upon my name
sleeps with my every hope
searching only…….
for happiness.
It looks at me with an expectant face
in those moments
when my mind can’t rest.

The slightest touch of this melody
leaves me waiting to shine
with outstretched hands.
My heart overflows with the beauty
of a thousand lights
changing color
at my command.

I can feel
the ink of my soul
on each and every breath
this melody breathes.
While the ink burned upon my name
finds the happiness
it needs.

Copyright © 2013 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm


Dressed in Sadness

My secret thoughts reside
in the backyard of my existence
where darkness cries out in shivers
clear to my bones.
I wake up to find them
packed neatly on shelves in my mind
and wish I could just crawl away,
be left alone.

They come from my emotions,
dressed in sadness
with no intention of ever comforting
what they transform.
There are days
when they make a decision
to rearrange the places I stand
until I am left without hope,

My secret thoughts are the lyrics of my being
which bid my heart
to walk on a white canvas
of the purest snow.
Oh the damage
that could be done
if I spoke them aloud,
my true feelings revealed
with these eyes full of woe.

I cannot bend or I'll break
so I hide on these shelves
in my mind,
packed neatly away
from all that challenges
my tree of life,
such as falling leaves.
My secret thoughts control
how my tongue refrains
from speech,
So my true feelings,
you will.....
never see.

Copyright © 2013 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm


My Constant

You are My Constant, touching my skies
and surrounding me with the pleasure
of your existence.
This is an ancient truth
held by the hand of time
and cannot be concealed
or brought down,
futile is resistance.

I will never exhibit thorns
in between my words
or to your feelings
when walking alone
on the shores of my sea.
You are My Constant,
sailing always in the back of my mind,
a ship flying your colors
to the port of me.

You are My Constant.
The one I can never forget.
Without words you have spoken
to my heart
all these years.
You are my sun,
the light of all my hope.
My Constant,
the one I hold inside my heart,
most dear.

Copyright © 2013 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm


Seconds Within Your Light

Coming through the night I feel strange seconds
within a familiar light.
Here is where my imagination led me to think
no one heard my plight.

Still I smiled in wonder, though the darkness
seemed stronger every second.
Because I yearned to hear your words,
know my life was in your presence.

I bade farewell to the night , closed my eyes
let those seconds pass right by.
As that familiar light that came inside,
kept your face within my sight.

Copyright © 2013 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm


Skating to the Stars

When one skates to the stars
with feet called to wait on the sunrise,
it is said their hearts are hungry
for the dreams full of love
to return again.
The taste of this hunger
travels with them
into the darkness full of stars
and stirs every sunset
they see
in their domain.

Sometimes this makes one feel
like running away
to erase the past and all pleasures
which made them feel complete
each and every morning.
Still, they know,
love will continue as part of those dreams.
So they skate
to the stars,
to see
what a new sunset

Copyright ©2013 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm


Speechless Hearts

Collaboration by Neva Flores and Aidz Giannini

Deep within the ways I love you
lies a valley, 
where my wandering footsteps 
find no boundaries.

Hands held in hands
Drift amongst the pearls
Silent in emotion
I know you are mine

You are not my world, 
Am I yours?
Speechless be our hearts
Same sun, different moons.

The air we breathe 
Tasting of honeysuckle
Embedded on a memory
On a lifetime of love

© 2012 Aidz Giannini and Neva Flores - Changefulstorm


Climbing Mountains to Catch the Moon

Some try to convince themselves,
this is the rarest of sensations
as they walk along the edges of a place
where their name is whispered by a spring
that flows love to all.
Still, we wonder
if it takes a truly perfect heart
beating softly
inside of a self-built cocoon
to be inspired,
hear the call.

Does nightfall build the pressure felt
of those who fall
until they lower their expectations
find they are climbing mountains
hoping to catch
the silvery moon?
Is it not obvious that these hearts
will travel fearlessly
always bowing their heads
and closing their eyes,
in hope true love
will blossom soon.

I wonder if they have folded their hearts'
around an ache
no one is able to see.
Or if this is only the beginning
of recognizing myself
in their mirror.
This rare sensation I feel
walking along the same edge
is merely erasing each step
fearlessly taken.
The silvery moon
has not....
grown any nearer.

Copyright ©2012 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm


Unravel the Night

Unravel the night as it nods off
to become a wall of darkness
until the sun looks into your eyes
once again
and you feel the pain of truth.
Then tell me what is real
among the promises we have made
and why the blood running through our veins
speaks of us,
as our hearts are seduced.

How can we continue to live on the edge
where each breath we take
challenges our bodies to become
victoriously in control?
When our hearts' wish to speak
of the need to see each other's face
and how love's flame burns
within our eyes then moves
inward to the depth
of our souls.

Copyright ©2012 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm


Two-Same View, Same Beat-One

The fire of love clings to hidden winds
and flourishes as it turns
without thought
to envelop the music
of your imagination.
It then peeks at the silence
created by its own tug of war
come one, come all,
feel this sensation.

The fire of love removes all distance,
chants your name
until our bodies blur space and time
and you and I find
we are viewing the world
through the same pair of eyes.
Between our hearts
we both know
desire feeds the flame,
listen to them beat,
the rhythm.........
is now
the same.

Copyright ©2012 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm


Numbed by "I Don't Care"

My senses wonder how to find peace
among company not familiar
with the lightest touch.
Even though I have written down
everything of which I dream.
My words are not heralded
by the new age the same
because a pebble
means more to them
than a beautiful sunset's beams.

The youngest
seem to rise inside the walls
with no names,
disguised as sparkling diamonds
known as hope.
I must beware of their winds
as they can overwhelm
the very air I cradle and for which I fight.
Or, I may find my Heaven
has become absent
and that I have given up everything
I know to be right.

I could look straight through the glass
and hear the strangest voices ever
from my reality.
And, I would want to know
what lies at the bottom,
posing as flowers for my hair.
Still, I find there are wrinkles in my climate
painted on the panes of life,
numbed by “I don't care”.

If I tried to escape or perhaps fight
for what I believe,
would I be considered shallow?
Could I still feel the appeal of peace
or would I want to cover my heart in sleep?
So, I watch the schemes
of those not familiar with the lightest touch
then watch them drink the wine
of what they reap.

Copyright ©2012 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm


With My Naked Soul

Dark cascading whispers hide
within your serenity
from painful hours that have fallen
like leaves
in your sleep.
If I could bury those hours
deep away from where you think
perhaps your heart would no longer suffer,
and your peace, you could keep.

Inside of a daydream or two
containing soothing moments,
I would love
to softly caress your hands
with the gladness in my heart.
I would send a smile to sit
inside the place that you call home
when your eyes are open
and your visions
holding sharp.

I would dance upon your chest
with my naked soul,
if it would take away the painful hours
your mind continues
to be faithful to.
Don't you know that life itself
has written your name
on everything known as me
and that I was born
to comfort you?

Copyright ©2012 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm


Shadow of Tears

Have you ever found yourself quivering
outside of lines
by what you thought was a love story?
if you will be swallowed whole
by the window you sit and stare out,
in love's well meaning glory.

Beneath passion blowing through the door
visiting your mind
like those little things
filled with a warmth
you have wanted
for so long.
Often, you find life
is at its happiest inside your dreams,
where nothing's wrong.

Sometimes in the middle of the night
you want to be
a never-ending flow of love
smiling at the hands
on the Clock of Emptiness,
stuck in place.
However, time melts into years
until starlight becomes well versed
at hiding the shadow of tears
on your face.

Copyright ©2012 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm


From Where My Body Understands

From where my body understands
that youth has told me goodbye.
A few steps more......
and I am starting to think
my life still contains
little pieces of a beginning
that will never die.

Betrayal, fills in the blanks
when I try to hold back
from singing the melody.....
of my heart.
When I'm looking for that someone
who is able to run
through my forest
written in.........
as my other part.

In all this waiting for love,
my youth.......has become
a memory..... no sword or shield.
I cannot find favor on any day
that I spend counting leaves on trees....
that stand........
in quietly, fading fields.

I can no longer stand in secret
knowing my youth
lies on its back, pleading.......
to be young, once again.
While I breathe in the footsteps........
of a long lost smile......
weaved around a love
I keep waiting..........
to begin.

Copyright ©2012 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm


You Never Knew Me

I truly thought
I had found myself
in a wondrous place
where you could truly see me,
and that all my words
were forever immortalized.
Held close.......
inside of your everything, a breeze.

I laughed as you stared
into my eyes, asking my name.
With my heart in your hands
and the moonlight
at your beck and call.
Then......watching you walk away,
I smiled.......
even though I realized
you never knew me
at all.

Copyright ©2012 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm


Truth Walks Unseen

Once a shadow, now a ghost
inside of a realm
where the sea is a woman
who will sweep you
off your feet.
Truth walks unseen across certain things
like a northwesterly wind
does my loneliness......

Copyright ©2012 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm


When She Writes About the Rain

There is a massive distance
between her smile and tears
when she writes about the rain.
Because her faded dreams
put her mind at ease
behind the places
where she stands
in pain.

Sitting in the garden
where one finds love
in those eyes
that speak of alone.
She writes lines
which intrigue mysteriously.
You can see her words dance
where she's walked,
when dawn breaks
across the trees.

The inner deepness of her words
hold on to each cloud,
crying out to the depths
of our bones.
They tell us our worst hours
contain the time outside
of her faded dreams
and that they too.....
will soon be gone.

When she writes about the rain
we smile
behind the places
where we stood in pain.
You can see her words dance
where she's walked,
they never speak
in vain.

Copyright ©2012 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm


I Brushed My Hand Across What You Said

I brushed my hand across what you said
then remembered
the exact moment I discovered
my favorite hiding place
where my heart could take deep breaths
and move away from the shadows
speaking as echoes across my mind.
I could feel them move far, far away
from my beating heart
taking me to heights
where I could escape to a better place,
I thought I'd never find.

The deepest pain.....all the hurt I feel,
becomes trivial in this journey
where I define myself
and rises above my existence
here in the solitude
I find
within this hiding place.
Here, my heart becomes softly addicted
to leaving behind
the complications which cling
to the railings
of all my inspiration
when I attempt to write
the song of a nightingale
and every bad memory.........

Copyright ©2012 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm
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