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Sleep Walker...
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Loving Heart...
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There is a forest,
completely made
of gold.
It is never wet,
and it is never cold
for there is never a cloud in sight.
Everything is sparkling bright...
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I'm an artist
My canvas is my life
I'll make everything beautiful
Through even the pain and strife.
Because isn't it the worst of times
That we look back and see
The vibrant colors, stories to tell
Painting our lives brightly?
Reds of passion
Blues for pain
Yellows on the nice days
Keeping out the rain.
My favorite days are purple
Or perhaps maybe green
Days full of mystery
Or in a forested ravine.
But whether days are good or bad,
Black, green, blue or even plaid,
After all is said and done
My life will be an amazing one!
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Music speaks what cannot be
expressed, soothes the mind and
gives it rest, heals the heart and
makes it whole, flows from heaven
to the soul...
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Life is a song... Love is the lyrics...
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Music of thine heart...
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Beautiful Music Can only
Be Made...


You Have the Perfect Note...
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When We Were Young

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Let me photograph you in this light
In case it is the last time
That we might be exactly like we were
Before we realized
We were sad of getting old
It made us restless
Oh, I'm so mad I'm getting old
It makes me reckless
It was just like a movie
It was just like a song
When we were young...
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Oh sea of love!
How bitter the mem'ries I have!
This place reminisce the pain
Of not seeing my love again.
Your birds up high
Remind me of his goodbye.
Your water so deep
Makes me yearn and weep.
So let your breeze blow,
And dry the tears that flow.
Let your waves take away
The griefs and sorrows that stay.
Oh sea of love!
Erase the mem'ries I have!
Wash them out of the blue,
Take them away with you...
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Whispers in the Wind
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Your whispers are gentle echoes
that sway ardent winds of harmony
and in the symphony of life
each word is wrapped in rhapsody.
We travel separate roads of life
gather flowers along the way and
share the music of their fragrance.
We exist between two winds,
I here under a pale moon
you, the other end of somewhere.
Sometimes when wind blows through trees
I pause to listen and in its passing
I hear the tenderness of your voice
that fills the spectrum of my soul.
You are the chime of warm rain,
the moon that glows through the trees
and within the luster of evening
your aura fills the scene.
I hear the whispers of the wind
see the stars shine in the sky,
but I hold the sunrise in my pocket.
Dance with me within the wind,
then just let me love you.

- Orania Hamilton -
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Thanks 01ylmz

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If you are the dealer, I'm out of the game
If you are the healer, it means I'm broken and lame
If thine is the glory then mine must be the shame
You want it darker
We kill the flame...
"Hineni" "Hineni"
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