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"Artists shouldn't try to improve or convert.
They are far too insignificant for that.
They must only bear witness."

maybe that was true in Dix's era but the time to witness has long passed;
what the world needs now is action

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Peter den Boef

Status: The adventure continues...
The mariachi band (see 14 July) has finally left the stage - now that the air-con isn't a constant presence - what a blessing!

    Immediate kneejerk reaction was NO

    But further reflection and after reading it, well actually, it sounds pretty useful for researching and
    I'd like to see it in action. However, someone really ought to remind them that not everything is on
    the interwebz and not to hand in their library card just yet.

    The making of America

    edit 10 March 2013, flying visit for some music
    PS Buffalo Bill was a jayhawker spit, spit

      What He Wants
      To pollute for free. Koch's fortune is tied up in some of the nation's dirtiest industries."

      What He Wants
      Plans to store radioactive waste from 36 states in an underground dump in Texas; has been sued repeatedly by the Justice Department for failing to clean up contaminated Superfund sites.

      What He Wants
      Perry's top issue is "tort reform," which would limit the size of jury awards against homebuilders who do shoddy work. He knows political favors can be bought: He was a big donor to every justice on the Texas Supreme Court – known derisively as "the Perry Court" – which vacated an $800,000 judgment against Perry for crappy construction. A jury in the same case later hit Perry with $58 million in damages.

      What He Wants
      A lucrative defense contract. Soldiers currently get a cash allowance to purchase sneakers made anywhere; New Balance has lobbied the Pentagon to buy its made-in-America shoes in bulk.

      What He Wants
      Bill has publicly backed immigration reform to create a legal pool of foreign-born workers for their hotels. Bemoaning cancellations during the recession, he has also lobbied Congress to force taxpayers to continue to subsidize luxury travel for executives of firms that receive federal bailouts. The Marriott fortune and Romney's are literally intertwined: Romney served twice on the Marriott board – most recently in 2011 – and is named Willard after Bill's dad, J. Willard Marriott Sr. (As a child, Romney summered at the Marriott compound on Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire.)

      What He Wants
      To screw taxpayers. Like Romney and many hedge-fund managers, Conard profits from the "carried interest" loophole that allows him to pay half the tax rate that others do on the same income. The Buffett Rule, backed by Obama, would force him to pay his fair share, effectively doubling his taxes.

      What He Wants
      Fewer consumer protections. The FDA has rebuked Melaleuca for making "false and misleading" claims about its supplements, and the company has signed a consent decree agreeing to "not engage in the marketing and promotion of an illegal pyramid." VanderSloot is also an anti-gay crusader: He tried to kill a PBS program for promoting "the homosexual lifestyle," and gave big bucks to pass California's ban on same-sex marriage.

      What He Wants
      A world safe for false advertising and marketing scams. Nu Skin has been charged by the Federal Trade Commission and state authorities with operating a pyramid scheme and making unsubstantiated claims about its cosmetics. In 1997, it was fined $1.5 million for violating a consent decree with the FTC. Romney has directly aided Lund's fortunes: As head of the Salt Lake Winter Games, he secured a $20 million sponsorship from Nu Skin, putting the Olympic name and credibility at the service of Nu Skin's sketchy products.

      What He Wants
      Unfairly low taxes. Robertson has embraced tax avoidance as a lifestyle: In 2000, despite living and working in Manhattan, he logged 182 days outside the city – often racing to flee town by midnight – to avoid paying local income tax. Also admits to seeking direct access to the president: "I would expect Mitt Romney to speak to me occasionally," he has said.

      What He Wants
      No federal restrictions on Wall Street gambling. Paulson was a key player in Goldman Sachs' infamous Abacus deal. The bank let him pick assets to short, then marketed those toxic securities as high-grade investments. Paulson cleared $1 billion on the rigged deal.

      What He Wants
      Needs backing from the U.S. government for his lawsuit to collect more than $2 billion from Argentina. Also loathes the Federal Reserve, which he calls a "group of inbred academics."

      What He Wants
      To squelch a proposed tax on stock transactions – a move that would limit his ability to game the market with algorithm-crunching computers.

      What He Wants
      An end to the Volcker Rule and Dodd-Frank, reforms that seek to rein in Wall Street excesses. Complains that "every bank in the United States is really under the thumb of the government." Has donated $1.5 million to Americans for Prosperity, a Koch brothers outfit that lobbies against environmental regulations.

      What He Wants
      More building contracts and patronage. His firm was awarded deals to build the presidential libraries of both Bushes, and George W. appointed him as U.S. ambassador to the Vatican.

      What He Wants
      To drill, baby, drill. In addition to financing oil exploration through his private equity firm, Webster sits on the boards of a half-dozen energy firms, including Basic Energy Services and Carrizo Oil & Gas.

    "The most common method of giving preferential treatment to the rich is through semantics. [...]

    In Mitt’s case, the money you and I make to support ourselves is called income and is taxed up to 35
    percent, but the money Mitt makes raiding companies with borrowed money and extracting draconian
    management fees from captive companies that have no choice but to pay them is called "Carried
    Interest," and taxed at a top rate of 15%.

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