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Former Stumbler. Now on Categorian, Tumblr, Pinterest, and FB (of course). I use the same avatar and name on all sites.

WELCOME!! Thank you for visiting.

Hello to old friends. I have been granted a new lease on life. I was misdiagnosed in late 2012 with MSA, a terminal illness. I learned in June that I do not have that disease! Just wanted to respond to several very kind messages found in my queue. I will check back in from time to time.

Best wishes to all,
Hello Friends,

I have not been to Categorian at all lately, but I do plan to come back when things settle down and I am organized again.

I have been diagnosed with a fatal illness, and my life has been turned upside down. I have managed to get through the holidays without spoiling it for anyone (except my husband and my son who cry every time they look at me). Now I am in the process of telling family members, one at a time, about my illness. It's very difficult. The house is still all in a mess from Christmas Day and from a trip up to Vermont for First Night. Those were great distractions, but now I must face the music.

I will come back to CAT, as I say, when time allows.

Thanks to friends for the many items I see are in my Queue. I will enjoy them soon.


Who says dogs can't smile?

Thank you to my good friend Elegant Lady for this little bit of humor.
Hello Friends,

I want to let you know that I will not be around too much this summer. I do not want anyone left wondering about me and my whereabouts. Too much to do, too much to do. Have a great summer!

600-year-old linen bras found in Austrian castle

Updated: Wednesday, 18 Jul 2012, 11:06 AM EDT
Published : Wednesday, 18 Jul 2012, 11:06 AM EDT

VIENNA (AP) — A revolutionary discovery has hit the world of underwear: Women 600 years ago wore bras.

The University of Innsbruck said Wednesday that archeologists found four linen bras dating from the Middle Ages in an Austrian castle. Fashion experts describe the find as surprising because the bra was commonly thought to be little more than 100 years old as women abandoned the tight corset.

Hilary Davidson, fashion curator for the London Museum, says one specimen in particular "looks exactly like a (modern) brassiere."

Archaeologist Beatrix Nutz says the garments were unearthed in 2008 but did not make news until now. She gave a lecture on them last year but the information stayed within academic circles until a recent BBC history program.

Thanks Terry. This is cozy
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