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Science is a way of talking about the universe in words that bind it to a common reality. Magic is a method of talking to the universe in words that it cannot ignore.
-Neil Gaiman

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It is extremely difficult to remain indifferent to those with Chiron conjunct Ascendant --- they seem to almost force you to form some opinion about them.
- Zane Stein

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Documents leaked by Edward Snowden reveal programs to track targets, spread information and manipulate online debates

The UK intelligence agency GCHQ has developed sophisticated tools to manipulate online polls, spam targets with SMS messages, track people by impersonating spammers and monitor social media postings, according to newly-published documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The documents – which were published on First Look Media with accompanying analysis from Glenn Greenwald – disclose a range of GCHQ "effects" programs aimed at tracking targets, spreading information, and manipulating online debates and statistics.

The disclosure comes the day before the UK parliament is due to begin up to three days' debate on emergency legislation governing British surveillance capabilities. With cross-party support the bill is expected to be voted through this week.

Among the programs revealed in the document are:

• GATEWAY: the "ability to artificially increase traffic to a website".

• CLEAN SWEEP which "masquerade[s] Facebook wall posts for individuals or entire countries".

• SCRAPHEAP CHALLENGE for "perfect spoofing of emails from BlackBerry targets".

• UNDERPASS to "change outcome of online polls".

• SPRING BISHOP to find "private photos of targets on Facebook".

The document also details a range of programs designed to collect and store public postings from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, and to make automated postings on several of the social networks.

Capabilities to boost views of YouTube videos, or to boost the circulation of particular messages are also detailed. ...

NSA data shows that 90 percent of people surveilled are innocent Americans whom the agency is legally prohibited from spying upon. Cory Doctorow looks at what the NSA means when it says "targeted."

#spy crap #fuck the nsa
Sexy boots!

All made by an incredibly skilful and expen$ive Italian bootmaker called De Niro.
This is an update to the Diary I wrote yesterday.

Tea Party Militia Leader, Richard Mack has been pretending he's a bad ass for years. But when he and his Tea Party brethren went to help millionare rancher, Cliven Bundy violently violate a Court order, they proved they are nothing but a bunch of gun-toting, wimpy-ass loud mouths who planned to use women as human shields against any potential gun battle they initiated with the Federal government.

MACK: “We were actually strategizing to put all the women up at the front. If they are going to start shooting, it’s going to be women that are going to be televised all across the world getting shot by these rogue federal officers.” ...
So Fox News "serious" news person Brit Hume talked this last Sunday on his let's-call-it "news" network that for President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, "race has been a shield and a sword." He said this on a lily-white Fox News panel containing the likes of lily-white George Will and lily-white Chris Wallace, and that Fox News held a conversation between people like Brit Hume and George Will and Chris Wallace to talk about how mean black people were being is pretty much all you need to know about Fox News.

Now Brit Hume has a sad, because some people had a problem with his statement. He took his sad to fellow network white person Bill O'Reilly, the network expert in all things that cause wealthy, prominent news heads to have major episodes of sad, and the two of them lamented how oppressed they were and that people keep being mean to him on Twitter.

After the appearance, he said, people on Twitter accused him of racism and bemoaned the lack of diversity on the panel.

“In other words, in order to discuss this, you have to have an African-American present,” Hume complained to O'Reilly. “But if you’re just white, then discussing this is racist.”

Hmm. I've gotta admit, having an all-white Fox News panel complaining that black people are using their race against good conservative white folks does seem a little kinda bit racist. Especially, and this is key, when your movement has made a habit of saying the same thing about nearly every non-white American with a career in politics that you haven't liked over the last 40 years. The problem wasn't that your point was too daring for America to stomach, the problem was your point was so predictable that folks have the script memorized at this point. ...

Photographer Will Burrard-Lucas got more help than he bargained for when he went to shoot a young family of meerkats in the Makgadikgadi region of Botswana. The new arrivals used the photographer as a look out post before trying their hand at taking pictures.
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"You don’t care and I don’t trust you."

Women have been known to think w/their crotches too, also.
The Julie Boonstra saga continues. Boonstra is the star of the most deceptive of the Koch brothers' anti-Obamacare "horror stories," and the one that has had to be debunked the most times. Here's one more, from The Detroit News, and it turns out she's saving even more money than previous debunkings revealed.

    Boonstra said Monday her new plan she dislikes is the Blue Cross Premier Gold health care plan—which caps patient responsibility for out-of-pocket costs at $5,100 a year, lower than the federal law’s maximum of $6,350 a year. It means the new plan will save her at least $1,200 compared with her former insurance plan she preferred that was ended under Obamacare’s coverage requirements.

    Boonstra’s old plan cost $1,100 a month in premiums or $13,200 a year, she previously told The Detroit News. It didn’t include money she spent on co-pays, prescription drugs and other out-of-pocket expenses.

    By contrast, the Blues’ plan premium costs $571 a month or $6,852 for the year. Since out-of-pocket costs are capped at $5,100, including deductibles, the maximum Boonstra would pay for all of her cancer treatment is $11,952 for the year.

    When advised of the details of her Blues’ plan, Boonstra said the idea that it would be cheaper “can’t be true.”

   “I personally do not believe that,” Boonstra said.

How very Republican of her, refusing to acknowledge the facts because they disprove her beliefs. Because she doesn't personally believe she'll actually be helped by Obamacare, she refuses to recognize the fact that it's true. Speaking of Republicans, remember how the Kochs have used Republican activists in their ads in New Hampshire?

    Boonstra is the ex-wife of Mark Boonstra, the former Washtenaw County GOP chairman whom Gov. Rick Snyder appointed to the Michigan Court of Appeals in 2012. Julie Boonstra said she’s never been a political person beyond advocating for lower-cost oral chemotherapy treatment in Washington.

Sorry, Ms. Boonstra, but I just personally do not believe that.
An incredible genetic circumstance creates a unique DNA puzzle.
An incredible genetic circumstance creates a unique DNA puzzle.
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