Zaxy Wrench
I laugh. A lot. I don't titter, and I rarely guffaw, but there are few things I enjoy more than a good long laugh. I cherish the ridiculous, adore a well-turned pun, and fall instantly in love with those who walk with laughter in their eyes. I strive for magic in my life: lightning bugs at twilight. Meteor showers. The Aurora. Chasing dandelion fluff as it floats on the wind. Give me Laughter and Magic, and I will live forever!
these guys are another kind of incredible. absolutely sublime.
the documentary (below) was just fascinating.


I woke.. ...i knew.
in knowing- recoil
return to sleep.
once again...
the lotus bud, waiting-
though winter storms on.
yearn for spring.

Draco came home with me on saturday :D I wasn't looking for another dog, having just lost my 21yr old staffy bull... but when i saw this pic and his face, it was as tho i'd known him forever. This series of photos was taken by Rod Coots, who (along with his wife, pictured) volunteers his time at the Ukiah Shelter. Thank you BOTH so much for what you do. ^^ I love the new man in my life! :D

somehow this just seems like a fun thing to do...
swiped from M's pages..

i am proof that (wo)man can survive on nog, alone. ;D

Merry Christmas!!!

thank you so much for the link, m :)
this music brings out the obsessive part of me.... and i'm not ashamed to admit it! ;)

not THAT was brave!

Three cheers for CATALONIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hip hip! HOOOOORAY!!!!
very possibly the best commercial ever made...
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