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Himalayan Blue Poppy #2

Yuichi Momma

Himalayan Blue Poppy

Georgia O’Keeffe

Pond in the Woods

mehcats have despondency issues
if only they had hands they'd use tissues
then they could wipe away their tears
instead they lap up beers
and if you don't give what they need
you can bet your pillow gets peed

I don't yet have a ditty for shifty cat
lemme do a search under the top hat
nothing coming to mind
must need to unwind
then all will be well
my head will swell
filled up with rhymes
making for better times
the Guinness will flow
then I'll have to go
but I'm not a heathen
I'm civil with my peein'
your pillow will remain dry
the floor in doubt but I'll try
I am a civilized lad
even when schnockered a tad
I never was good with words

So sometimes I let the music speak for me...

Oh Well

Roberto M. Baldessari (Italian, 1894–1965)

The train arriving at the station of Lugo, c. 1916
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