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“Introverts are collectors of thoughts, and solitude is where the collection is curated and rearranged to make sense of the present and future.”
— Laurie Helgoe

Georgia O’Keeffe

Black Place III, 1944

Georgia O’Keeffe
New Mexico

Photograph by George F. Mobley

Georgia O’Keeffe
Special No. 40

Houses with Thatched Roofs, Cordeville, 1890

Vincent van Gogh

Road with Cypresses, 1890

Vincent van Gogh

Two Cypresses, 1889

Vincent van Gogh

Peter Henry Emerson

In the Barley Harvest from Pictures of East Anglian Life, 1888
Gravure print

Royal Photographic Society, Bath, England

This photogravure was published as Plate VII in the book 'Pictures of East Anglian Life', 1888. The note for the image read 'Here one man is honing his scythe, while another, his face streaming with perspiration, has taken off his hat with which to fan himself... They will work under the broiling summer sun until 4.30pm... After half an hours grace they again fall to, and work hard till seven in the evening'. Emerson photographed widely throughout East Anglia, recording everyday life and producing many books on the subject."
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