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i love ethereal fantasy
that can only be seen
by the window of the soul.
take me to the glorious places
i can’t reach. give me the
vibrant colors to
quench my thirst. i love the
beauty that doesn’t exist
but only in dreams and pictures
there is still the wantons
of little girl dreams that
can only be feasted by
the eyes that see the
wonders of wonderland
in faraway castles. *copyright2010 lorilynn*

welcome to my place. i am venturing in new realms of self expression by way of candid photos and other musings. i see, hear, touch and smell in pictures. my taste varies therefore i am eclectic. thanks for stopping by and i would love to meet whoever crosses my path. LL

"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home". Picasso Gaglione

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