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Hello, and welcome! :)

I'm Matt Siegel, the guy who created Categorian. I live in San Francisco.
I built and run this service as a hobby. I also have a real job that is quite demanding :)

See the help page for information on using Categorian.

There is also a Categorian Facebook Group
with friendly, helpful people. Feel free to join!

Be excellent to each other!

cross-laminated timber, a new composite construction material

I'm making progress on the design of the community-resource-management system. I think I can start on it Sunday.

It might seem odd that I'd want to work on that when immediate problems are "This feature stopped working!", or "How do I fix my blog's Style?".

But like a lever or pulley we'll use it to accomplish more work, more easily; so with your help I can resolve problems efficiently and make advancements more quickly :)

Good morning all :)

To advance the development of Categorian and make better use of all resources of the community, I have in mind a simple, organized, and mostly public system of discussion and planning.

Everyone can feed in problems, questions, ideas, or comments -- large and small. Anyone can suggest solutions, pros and cons, resources needed, and things to consider. We'll be able to gauge interest/effectiveness/urgency using polls, which will also help prioritize my time. And we'll check actions we're planning against Categorian's community charter.

I'm working to make the design simple so we can start using it within a month. My role is to keep Categorian up and running and give you guys more power! :D

More soon...

Hi everyone :)

This is a small update to let you know I'm alive and well, although I'm obsessed (as usual) with my latest projects.

Because I tend to become obsessed with things, I'm going to need help keeping on track with Categorian. So, I've been considering how the community can have more say in Categorian's further development, so you can direct my time to the areas most important to the community.

I also don't have a *lot* of time available, so I'm considering how to efficiently help people who need help. And when someone in the community helps out, how to make their contributions more effective. I want to spend time on improvements for everyone, not just on keeping things running. This way Categorian can become its best for the entire community, as efficiently as possible :)

I believe there's a simple way to start doing this. I'll be back tomorrow with some details on what I have in mind... and to start looking through my messages. See you soon! :)

for those of you celebrating... MERRRRY CHRISTMAS! :D
Hi everyone! :)

I've been exceptionally busy in the last month, but I just finished one of my several projects, so I should be able to spend more time here soon.

I have a long list of things to accomplish next. Here are many of the things I'm thinking about, in approximate order... and there will be more!
  • Check/fix display of bold Friends names (for new blog posts)
  • Add optional message-fowarding through email
  • Require a valid email address for all accounts (includes a verification step/page)
  • Remove (number of messages) from from the titles of friends' pages you blogged
  • Move Categorian to my company's development server (faster, lower cost)
  • Upgrade Firefox toolbar to point to
  • Retire domain name, in favor of
  • Add a Table of Contents page or some other easy way to navigate to more pages
  • Complete the new Visitor Log page
  • Add periodic link scanning to check all sites for 404 etc errors
  • Add a Maintenance page to list blog posts with broken links
  • Add "mature content" warning for non-logged in visitors, for unrated and X-rated blogs
  • Re-enable search engine indexing for Google, Bing, etc

See you guys soon :D

I'm gradually making progress :) Here's what's done so far:
  • Restore blog posts to Husspuppe and Secret Longings from last year's backup

There was a pretty good earthquake near here at 3am this morning. I think I'm going to be a bit tired today...
I'm going to try to program a forwarding system for messages, so messages sent to members will (optionally) be forwarded to their email address.

That way people's messages can be received by email, while keeping the email address private.
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