Amazing. I don't think I have ever done something on the internet ... with that many steps ... and did it with no errors ... and quickly ... Fantastic directions!
A warm and thoughtful Stumbler who seems to practice Mindfulness in her approach to daily living. This is very hard to do, though I suppose the Dalai Lama has figured it out. I like to know someone who is level headed in my slanted and/or upside down kind of life so I'm glad I stopped by. I think you will also enjoy this site.
It worked for me with no problem (and I have a brain injury) so you should be able to do it. The only problem is it saves to just one tag. The good news is that you can save your work, quickly, but will have to change the tags elsewhere.

See you on WordPress and/or Categorian. Killpain told me about Categorian.
Hi, especially today to my StumbleUpon friends ... hugs in our time of mourning for SU.
I am so incredibly proud of myself that I have gotten this far (brain injury, you know) in setting up this Blog. It is just a white screen so far but I see my name so I must be connected ... lol

Oh, my friends, my friends, words escape me. I think it is because it was our hearts and souls communicating on SU and this betrayal by SU goes beyond words. We took strangers, from around the world, and made them family. Differences in gender or country just didn't matter. It seemed as if we took on the family name of SU. I am delighted that we can go on ... from here ... and maybe we will all have the last name of CAT (lol sounds good).

Thank you to Killpain (SU) for telling me to come to Categorian "we are having a ball".

Thank you to KaylinQ and SamEpperson (SU) for not giving up on me during my lengthy time away from SU due to depression and ... well, bad things happening. In the blackest of storms, a light flickered and I was never alone. Thank you my friends.

I could ask forgiveness to my friends for becoming a basket case but you know what ... I think they would want more an answer to the question "why didn't you let us help you?" and to that question, I have no answer.

I look forward to being here. I know absolutely nothing about Categorian so I am jumping in head first. hugs
love it ... lots of strength and good humor here. Oh, so sad to lose orfie's links. We will all find each other some where. I wanted to copy your " so long message". hugs for that ... it is perfect!

"So long, SU as we know it. (my last post at SU)

To all you newcomers of Stumble; and those of you who regularly visit I'm speaking my piece here because SU no longer lets us "blog"; therefore you will have missed it. In fact, this page will be all white with black text and you won't even be able to see the video above... so you would have really missed out. (I wanted to bold "really", but you wouldn't have seen that, either, because html will henceforth be stripped October 24, 2011.) I do hope you'll have the opportunity to see most of my favorites with benefit of the photos, too. From what I understand all links will be broken, so I reckon you won't be seeing any of them after October 24, 2011. Unlike so many others, I never put much effort into backgrounds, magnificent artwork, or poetry; but I was pretty adamant about how my pages fit together in color and style. But it satisfied me, and I was happy. It was a Mozilla extension when I first joined in 2002, and it was the shit. It got better and better and then it was the absolute bomb. We had forums. Good ones. We trolled, we baited, we fell in love and we fought battles. Together. We became such tight-knit friends and family and we took care of each other. We still do... and probably always will. Some of us fell by the way side and we mourned. Then we celebrated their lives. This is a very sad moment in my life, but I can tell you this. I have never had so much fun, met so many people from so many walks of life, loved, sparred with and cared so much for.

I'd love to post a champagne glass as a toast , but you won't see it." ~ by orfie
At this site, you find marketing and promotional advice given by musician, John Oszajca for struggling musicians to use to become more successful, in all ways including financially. John Oszajca provides links to free software to download to upload videos to YouTube, as well as links to more marketing advice. Mr. Oszajca has written several tutorials for musicians.

It takes time to make music ... so, whenever you can, take time to help a struggling musician. Even a simple "thank you", will help musicians more than you realize.
Facebook 101: How to Make a Band Page on Facebook Pt 1 (see the link to Part 2 before the comments section). With 124 comments received, this tutorial seems to have received a good response. It made me smile to see that the Comment Section had taken on a life of its own with people giving assistance to one another.

As always, if you can help a struggling musician or band, even with only an virtual hug, you will be helping them more than you realize.
The slogan Music = Life is truth. We all need to help musicians get more exposure. This site's posting is about the importance of how tags are used to get maximum exposure from search engines. The post is by a musician.

Don't forget to thank a musician today and try to encourage your friends to do the same.
This is a review from Oct 24 2006 of what SU used to be like and soon will never be (10/24/2011).
xineann created this tutorial for SU members to be able to understand how to use SU. 7,946 views of this tutorial.

In terms of SU's history or membership progression, it should never be forgotten that it was because of members like xineann that some members continued on with SU.
hugs to you for your response to SU CEO's post ... in our grief, you reminded us that we should be proud of what we accomplished as a worldwide group of strangers, turned into a family, who all have the last name of SU.
hugs to you for your fantastic response to SU CEO's post.
Hugs to you for your fantastic response to SU CEO's post.
You win a hug from me, too, habeus. Your response to SU CEO's post was fantastic!
hugs to you for your post in response to SU CEO's post.
You are fantastic! Your post in response to the SU CEO's post ... beyond wonderful. Hugs to you.
Mr Bragger and Heart of Stone, don't forget that SU members got together and made a music CD.

Don't you dare forget that SU members took the inner workings of SU and gave you advice how to make the site better. It was our word of mouth recommendations that brought in members. It was our reviewing, and thereby linking, to big and small Blogs that got their viewers and themselves interested in SU. Many of them blogged about SU because of we reviewed them.

We all should have left, in mass, the last time you sold us out and especially when you purposely changed the site so that it was difficult to do anything but brief reviewing. We paid $20 but you still sold us out ... but we gave you a chance. We believed what you told us about that sale.

And now you sold us out again ... but, this time, you plan on taking out the heart of SU. You will be removing what can't be produced in any other way. And for what? For greed. Nothing but greed. You have basically killed SU.

In a future History of the Internet book, that graph of yours that shows the progression of membership will be positioned next to a graph that shows "How Fast 20 Million Members Fled".

NOTE: no one delete your site yet. You will want your friend's names so you can link up with them again. SU members don't fade away ... they become stronger and unite ... elsewhere. Get some of your SU friend's Twitter etc addresses.

hugs to all Stumblers in this time of mourning.
You may pass this topic by but brain trauma is something that can happen to ... you. Take a couple of minutes out of your life to read this so that you have an understanding that whiplash may not be minor. Whiplash isn't just a result from low impact car accidents ... think about amusement park bumper cars, football players, and parents yanking kid's around by the back of their shirt ... and then sadly, think about the lack of trained ER and other Doctors.
Utterly amazing. These playlists are fantastic! There is something for everyone except your Aunt Gladys who hates everything. Playlists are based upon mood, decade, genre, or .... my absolute favorite: "Record Store Clerk". I bet you think there is only 1 playlist by a Record-Store Clerk ... nope ... 42 ... and my favorite is "When You're Over Being a Music Snob". You can save the playlist or make your own.
The woman said, "We are 100% free now. 100%." I am so so very happy for her and her loved ones.
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